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Milos Sobaïc(Miloš Šobajić) is descended from a distinguished Serbian family in Montenegro, which, in 19th century Montenegro, introduced the first library, the first orchestra, newspaper and magazines, the first culture and arts society Zahumlje, and the first department store. His ancestors were writers, poets, graphic artists, diplomats, physicians, ethnologists…
Miloš Šobajić was born in 1945 in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1970. He has lived and worked in Paris since 1972. In 2005, he founded the Faculty of Arts and Design at the Megatrend University in Belgrade, working as a professor and dean of the institution till 2014, during which period he alse received the title of honorary PhD and professor emeritus. He was a visiting professor at the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China, where he taught painting from 2004 to 2006. He has staged more than eighty one-man exhibitions, and has also displayed his works at more than four hundred and twenty group exhibitions across the world. His works are on display in almost forty different museums in the world.
In 2018, the Russian Duma awarded him the Honorary Guest of Russia decoration, which coincided with his becoming a member of the Russian Association of Artists. He has also received a series of awards in Serbia: Vuk’s Award, the Gold Link of Belgrade, the Miša Anastasijević Award, and others. Almost seven hundred texts have been published about Miloš Šobajić in the printed media in France, Italy, Serbia, USA, Japan, Greece, and Germany, including a large number of TV films and features.
In Belgrade, in 2018, he published his first book entitled Paint and Keep Quiet.
Five monographs about Miloš Šobajić’s opus have been published in Paris, Belgrade and London, with forewords by Alain Joufroy, Peter Handke, Edward Lucie-Smith, and other authors. His one-man exhibitions have been organised by prestigious insitutions, museums and galleries, from Paris, Rome and Brussels, to China, America and Russia.

He is married to Maja T. Izquierdo architect and university professor

The most important one-man exhibitions

1972. Paris, France, Lambert Gallery.
1974. New York, USA, F.V. Gallery.
Los Angeles, USA, Los Angeles Art Expo, F.V. Gallery.
1981. Stresa, Italy, Spacapan Studio.
Ascona Italy, Cademi Gallery.
1983. Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Belgrade Culture Centre.
Cetinje, Yugoslavia, Museum of Moden Arts.
1986. Paris, France, Blondel 2 Gallery.
Rouen, France, Eros-Errance Art Gallery.
1988. Paris, France, Jean Gallery.
Paris, France, Dragon Gallery.
1989. St. Wendel, Germany, Im Zwinger Gallery.
Valjevo, Yugoslavia, Modern Gallery.
1990. Forbach, France, L’oeil Gallery.
Rouen, France, Contemporary Arts Centre.
1991. Paris, France, Pierre Birchansky Gallery.
Rouen, France, Hermann-Breard Gallery.
1992. Geneva, Switzerland, European Art Gallery, Frank Pages Gallery.
1993. Chicago, USA, Chicago Art, Frank Pages Gallery.
Paris, France, FIAC, Grand Palais, Frank Pages Gallery.
1994. Baden-Baden, Germany, Frank Pages Gallery.
Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Museum of Contemporary Art.
New York, USA, International Art, Frank Pages Gallery.
1995. Frankfurt, Germany, Frankfurt Art, Frank Pages Gallery.
Venice, Italy, The Venice Biennale, Yugoslav Pavillion.
1996. Rouen, France, Hermann-Breard Gallery.
Baden-Baden, Germany, Frank Pages Gallery.
1997. Tour, France, Tour Castle.
Tour, France, Contemporary Art Studio.
1998. Larissa, Greece, Larissa Contemporary Arts Centre.
Athens, Greece, Astrolavos Gallery.
1999. Paris, France, Caroussel du Louvre, Art Paris, Frank Pages Gallery.
2000. Paris, France, Caroussel du Louvre, Art Paris, Frank Pages Gallery.
Paris, France, La Une Brenner Gallery.
2001. Strassbourg, France, Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Frank Pages Gallery.
2002. Paris, France, La Une Brenner Gallery.
2004. Koblenz, Germany, Loudvig Museum.
Paris, France, Akie Arishi Gallery.
2005. Clamar, France, Albert Chaneau Art Gallery.
Budva, Montenegro, City Museum.
Our Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro.
Herzeg Novi, Montenegro, Josip Benković Bepo Gallery.
Shenyang, China, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.
2006. Belgrade, Serbia, Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavillion.
Belgrade, Serbia, Goethe Institute.
Belgrade, Serbia, ULUS Gallery.
2007. Moscow, Russia, M’ARS Contemporary Arts Centre.
2009. Niš, Serbia, Contemporary Arts Gallery Serbia.
Timisoara, Romania, Helios Gallery.
Paris, France, La Une Brenner Gallery.
2010. Timisioara, Romania, Art Museum.
2011. Subotica, Serbia, Saint Sava Serbian Culture Centre.
Bratislava, Slovakia, Ministry of Culture.
Liège, Belgium, Academie Royale des Beaux Arts.
Bratislava, Slovakia, Danubiana Melenstein Museum of Arts.
Užice, Serbia, Užice City Gallery.
Timisoara, Romania, Art Museum.
2012. Pescara, Italy, Michetti Foundation Museum.
Rome, Italy, Museum of Roman Civilisation.
2016. Belgrade, Serbia,National theatre, City Library.
Višegrad, Republika Srpska, Andrićgrad, Andrić Institute.
Podgorica, Montenegro, Modern Gallery.
Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade Fair, Book Fair.
2017. Pančevo, Serbia, Culture Centre Gallery.
2018. Novi Sad, Serbia, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina.
Trstenik, Serbia, Culture Centre.
Negotin, Serbia, Mokranjac Days, Culture Centre.
Zaječar, Serbia, Zoran Radmilović Days, Radul-Begov Konak inn.
Trebinje, Republika Srpska, Trebinje Culture Centre.
Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Culutural center,Stone house and Castel fortress.

Miloš Šobajić’s Legacy Foundation is currently under preparation.

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