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  1. Early works 1965-1972. From arrival at the School of Fine Arts in Belgrade to his departure for Paris. Impact made on him by the traditional Old Masters, by experimental theatre, and by Michelangelo in the Sistine. Discovery of Edward Keinholz.
  2. The 1970s – Pop filtered through Science Fiction.
  3. The 1980s to c. 1987– Fictions about the modern interior The virtuoso technique of Manet contrasted with sharply rendered naturalistic details. A clash of vocabularies within the same picture-space
  4. From c. 1987, the dream of nightmare of falling, which segues into images of swimmers. Swimming and diving can be read as ‘safe’ ways of falling.
  5. From c. 1995, the swimming theme continues and is now realized in a more radical way. Pictures of bathers. The falling them returns. Some pictures have 3-dimensional elements.
  6. Full 3-dimensional works, from the mid-1970s. Fragmentation of the body. The use of space-frames and qusi-mechanical elements.
  7. Videos.

Edward Lucie-Smith

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Text in the catalogue for the exhibition at Galerie Jean, Paris, 1988
„…A painter of revolt against everything that has become petrified, a revelator of extreme situations, where the slightest move of the hand, the slightest step into the space of others, causes unrest, Miloš Šobajić is one of the several artists who dare look for a new image of the inevitable congestion of human society, beyond the framework of the old mannerism…“.

Alain Jouffroy, writer, poet, art critic, France

Text in the monograph Miloš Šobajić, published by Les Editions de la Difference, Paris, 2002

„… Miloš Š. creates painting where all the constraint of his ancestor explodes and shifts towards an unprecedented freedom, at times almost overwhelming: in any case, each one of his paintings, each one of his sculptures are liberating. Because of his ancestor? Because of history? Thanks to it? Against it? You can judge for yourselves. No, do not judge – let those

Peter Handke, writer, Austria,

extract from the text in the monograph Miloš Šobajić, London, 2012.
“…It is difficult to classify the opus of Miloš Šobajić, which is based on the tragic nature of human existence, therefore being closely related to Francis Bacon, Dali and Géricault. What he has brought from his Balkan origins, as well as what he has accepted from the post-modernist impetus, is exactly what has formed his opus and his attitude on the international plane, within the world of arts. Šobajić seems to be inside the vertigo of the present moment, but constantly analysing it at the same time…”

Edward Lucie-Smith, art critic, photographer, United Kingdom,


Babylonian tower

Interior – exterior



View of Saint Magdalena

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